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ID Stimulating Gel Wild For Her

Turns her on & strengthens her orgasm! Made with special natural aphrodisiacs!• Enhances Female Arousal• Increases Sexual Excitement• Heightens Orgasmic IntensityExperience the most intense clitoral stimulation of your life with this amazing gel! The special formula is filled with natural aphrodisiacs like the Passion Flower and Yohimbe bark that increase blood flow to her clit and vagina while also enhancing the sensitivity of her nerves. This makes her clit and pussy more responsive to stimulation to increase her sexual excitement and intensify her orgasms! Apply a small drop of the gel to your finger and then lightly massage it on her clit. She’ll feel a mild warming sensation when the gel starts working. Continue to lightly rub the gel on her clit and gently blow on it to increase her arousal. The 0.5 oz. pump bottle contains enough gel for approximately 50 applications.Ingredients include: Water/Aqua/EAU