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November 6, 2019
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Adam & Eve Flavored Lubricants

Adam & Eve Flavored Lubricants | Adam and Eve


, Adam & Eve Flavored Lubricants


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Adam & Eve Flavored Lubricants


Oral Sex Has Never Been So…Fruitilicious! • Choose Your Favorite Fruit Flavor Now!• Cherry! • Strawberry! • Watermelon!For lip-smacking fellatio and tasty cunnilingus, go down with good taste! Special sugar-free formula makes this super-slippery water-based lube a joy for spontaneous oral fun! Adam & Eve Flavored Lube is non-staining and safe with all sex toys and condoms. • Adam & Eve Flavored Lube• Great tasting Cherry, Strawberry and Watermelon• Enhances oral play – instantly• Feels silky smooth• Water-based personal lubricant• Easy clean up• Safe with all sex toys• Condom compatible• Flip-top for one-handed use• Sugar-freeAlways have this high-quality sex lube ready on hand –– because you never know when the action is going to go oral…very, very oral!Got a sweet tooth? Adam & Eve Flavored Lube’s fruit flavors are sugar-free and ready to give you a mouthful of flavor. Watch your partner (or yourself!) lose all inhibitions as you dive into oral sex head fir

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