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Afrodite Superstar


2008 AVN Award Winner for Best MusicWhen Mr. Marcus hears Simone Valentino rapping her heart out at a local club, he uses his ties in the music industry to turn her into a hip-hop superstar! Simone has to deal with jealous competitors, crazed fans, the occasional wardrobe malfunction, a lip synching debacle and more before she rise to the top and find love. Scene 1: After watching her sexually-charged music video, Simone whips out her special vibrator for a private party! Scene 2: Rapper Justin Long finds Ishtar lying on his bed. After this groupie treats him to a sloppy blowjob, she asks him to take her doggy-style!Scene 3: India and Liliana Velasquez share their love of painting with a super-hot girl-girl munchfest! Scene 4: Jay Junker and Sativa Verte break in his new candy red Hummer with some deep-thrusting missionary right on the hood!Scene 5: One thing leads to another after a deep conversation, and Mr. Marcus soon finds himself tickling Simone’s clit with his tongue before she

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