Lucid Dream #14 G-Spot Vibrator
Lucid Dream #14 G-Spot Vibrator | Doc Johnson
November 6, 2019
Nina's Guide To Erotic Massage
Nina’s Guide To Erotic Massage |
November 6, 2019
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Anal-Ese | Nasswalk


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Relaxes Your Butt For Better, More Comfy Anal Sex!Anal-Ese has been a trusted adult product brand for years. It relaxes and slightly numbs the sphincter for easier, more enjoyable anal entry.Anal-Ese also acts as a desensitizing cream on his erection while providing needed lubrication for better anal intercourse. With Anal-Ese, you’re sure to enjoy anal sex not just once, but repeatedly –– with more confidence and fun!Anal-Ese’s special formula relies on benzocaine and other ingredients to relax your sphincter ring and slightly numb your nerves – making those first few moments of anal sex even more enjoyable and comfortable! The cherry-flavored cream is thick and sleek enough to double as a lubricant to ensure a smooth and satisfying penetration every time. 1 ounce tube.Anal-Ese is easy to use, too! Just apply a small amount to rectal area prior to penetration. Wait a few minutes for desensitization before attempting penetration. It might take you a few tries to figure what’s the right amo

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