Body Heat Warming Oil
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November 6, 2019
Menage a Trois DP Strap-On
Menage a Trois DP Strap-On | Sportsheets
November 6, 2019
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Hot Tie & Cuff Set

Hot Tie & Cuff Set | Sportsheets


, Hot Tie & Cuff Set


SKU: A386

Hot Tie & Cuff Set


If you’d rather spend your valuable time with your lover instead of tying and untying knots, then you’ll both love this rope-free kit! The four softly padded restraints attach with metal clips to one of four connection points on a steel o-ring. Use two restraints to make handcuffs or use three or more at once for a more exotic arrangement. Velcro keeps each of the restraints locked into place securely and safely while you act out your fantasies.

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