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John Holmes: The Lost Tapes

John Holmes: The Lost Tapes |


, John Holmes: The Lost Tapes



John Holmes: The Lost Tapes


Johnny “Wadd” Holmes, The Well-Hung Legend Returns!Don’t ask us what closet, vault or storage bin these tapes lived in for the past 30 years, but here they are –– revitalized in full-color, digital XXX glory for you! See John Holmes’ famous dick comes alive in 8 different scenes. These are the real boogie nights! See famous golden age stars like Rhonda Jo Petty (a Farrah look-a-like), deluscious Leslie Bovée (who has enchanted quite a few cocks in her day) and Maria Tortuga work John’s ever-expanding wood! 85 minutes + 39 minutes extras.8 scenes from the “golden age” of XXX! Scene 1You can see Holmes’ 8-track player and you know it’s grinding out some thumpin’ disco beats for his landlady (Ashley Welles) to grind her hips to…on John’s face! Turns out the “Wadd” has more tricks up his sleeve than just his humongous cock. A big hair brunette huffs down his flesh pole like a tasty snack –– make no mistake, his big boner is not junk food!Scene 2Rhonda Jo Petty does the Pussy Bump on John

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