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November 6, 2019
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November 6, 2019
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Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy

Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy | Empire Labs,Clone-A-Willy


, Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy


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Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy


Create A Vibrating Silicone Copy Of Your Willy –– In Neon Purple!Just add water! That’s all you do to immortalize your willy in neon purple. This complete kit provides everything you need to make an authentic reproduction of your erection –– down to every last breath-taking detail!Mix the molding material in the kit’s tube, cast your erect shaft, then pour in liquid silicone to create a dildo sex toy that looks just you! Use the kit’s powerful vibrator to add vibrations to your rubber replica penis. Your Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy Kit has detailed, easy instructions to make this a fun, sexy project to tackle together! • Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy Kit• Everything you need in one kit• Completed penis replica ready in 24 hours• Made in USA• Makes a fun, unforgettable giftThe Neon Purple Clone-A-Willy Kit lets you create a vibrating silicone dildo that looks exactly like your living, breathing erect penis. Kit includes:• 8 oz. two part silicone rubber mix• 3 oz. timed molding pow

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