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November 6, 2019
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November 6, 2019
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Sensual Escape

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Sensual Escape


Fortune Smiles: Media Superstar Gloria Leonard takes us on a touchingly funny walk through the minds of two people who have been dating and are about the take the leap into bed. This touches on the insecurities one feels when making love for the first time, including the awkwardness of bringing up the use of a condom. Watch the sparks fly with the debut return to films by award winning actors. Winner of Adult Video News awards for Hottest Sex Scene and Best Actress. Starring: Richard Pacheco & Nina Hartley The Tunnel: Beautiful surreal imagery highlights this mini-drama, directed by Candida Royalle. A young woman’s recurring dream leads her to an encounter with a mysterious man who helps her discover her long hidden and explosive passion. Starring: Sibohan Hunter and Steve Lockwood. Adult Video News Award for Best Featurette Tape.Total Running Time: 75 minutes. Winner of Adult Video News awards for “Hottest Sex Scene, “Best Actress” and “Best Featurette Tape”.“It doesn’t get much better than t

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