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November 6, 2019
Size Matters Vaginal Pump
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November 6, 2019
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Sex Sling

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, Sex Sling



Sex Sling


Even experienced lovers may need just a little more “leverage” at times for that perfect orgasm! Your desires are answered by the Sex Sling! Just strap on each padded Sex Sling ankle pad and slip the soft neck pad behind your neck. Your legs will feel like they’re suspended in mid-air and you’re ready for ultimate G-Spot stimulation! Sturdy adjustable nylon straps make for a custom-fit. Great for oral sex too! In sexy cheetah print. Made in USA. Use Your Leverage:Better G-Spot Orgasms!More VarietyLegs Feel Energized!”With the Sex Sling, it’s so easy––I can’t wait to screw!––Mrs. B.H. Hudson, NY

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