Lucid Dream #14 G-Spot Vibrator
Lucid Dream #14 G-Spot Vibrator | Doc Johnson
November 6, 2019
Nina's Guide To Erotic Massage
Nina’s Guide To Erotic Massage |
November 6, 2019
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The Gift

The Gift |


, The Gift


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The Gift


When Liz returns to her grandmother’s home, little does she know that she will leave with the most precious gift one could receive. A gift of sensual love and unleased passion from the other side of life, one that will heal Liz’s troubled reletionship with Todd and that of every other couple that encounters it. The Gift. See what it can do for you.Running time: 77 minutes. “There’s really no way to compare a Candida Royalle movie with other porn…Royalle’s films feature serious, well scripted sex with actual dramatic tension…McCullough shows us that porn stars really can act…Everything is beautifully shot,lovingly lit and tastefully presented.”-Abby Ehmann, Adam Film World“Congratulations on The Gift… It’s terrific film, an amazing balance of reality and fantasy… erotic without being intimidating, and the actors are prefect – attractive and sexy while looking and behaving like regular people… In all, a film I will recommend to patients and colleagues alike with great enthusiasm.”-Marty Klein, PhD.,

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