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Tickle My Tush

Tickle My Tush | Tickle Kitty: Dr. Sadie Allison


, Tickle My Tush


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Tickle My Tush


The world’s most revealing backdoor guide! Written by award-winning author Dr. Sadie Allison“If I’m gonna take advice from someone about my tush, it’s gonna be Dr. Sadie. Her style and humor are pleasant and informative, and she’s not afraid to leave out any potentially embarrassing and important details.” – Eleni Solomou, Cosmopolitan columnistFun and flirty, this informative and easy to read guide tackles the taboo topic of anal fun. And addresses the things you’re too skittish to ask about, from hygiene and safety tips to triggering anal orgasms in both men and women. Once you finish reading this guide to anal exploration and stimulation, you’ll know:• Helpful butt massage techniques like surfboarding• 5 levels of finger play for anal fingering• Tempting rimming skills including hot darting• 3 keys to anal orgasms• The best anal toys for your needsTickle My Tush starts off with a list of frequently asked questions and shares tips for anal safety before moving on to the different

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