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Entice Triple Intimate Clamps | Cal Exotics
November 6, 2019
Up! Vibrating Extension Sleeve
Up! Vibrating Extension Sleeve | Cal Exotics
November 6, 2019
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Toy Love Waterbased Lube

Toy Love Waterbased Lube | Wicked Sensual Care


, Toy Love Waterbased Lube


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Toy Love Waterbased Lube


Gel Stays In Place To Make Your Fave Sex Toys Even Better!You love your sex toys and how good they make you feel. Now here’s a lube that helps take your sex toy experience to a new level of enjoyment.Toy Love Waterbased Lube is a gel formulated to stay on your sex toy and not drip off or get lost in the sheets. You know what that means –– more lube on your favorite vibrator, dildo or stroker means more intense stimulation and soon after that…orgasms! Plastic, rubber, TPE, TPR, ABS, glass, metal –– any material works with Toy Love Waterbased Lube for results that may vary, but are always an improvement!• Toy Love Waterbased Lube• Formulated specifically for sex toys• Non-drip waterbased gel • Stays in place without running• Safe for all sex toys and latex• Super thick texture• Aloe formula leaves sensitive skin velvety soft• Glycerin-free, paraben-free• 3.3 oz pump bottleWhen you get your first bottle of Toy Love Waterbased Lube, experiment by using a small dab to see how

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